Studio Policies & Fees


Student Expectations

  • Be prompt & come prepared
    (music, notebook, binder, pencil)

  • Set a regular practice schedule:  

    • Elementary students—at least 3x/week for at least 15-20 min.  

    • Middle school students—at least
      4-5x/week for at least 20-30 min. 

    • High school students—at least 5x/week for at least 30 min.

    • Adult students—practice as many days/week as you can.  

    • Remember:  quality is more important than quantity & mindful practice creates results.  You only improve with practice, & the more you practice the better you will become!

  • Participate in studio recitals/concerts

    • Spring & Fall Recitals--all students

    • Solo & Ensemble Contest--middle & high school flute students 


Parent Expectations

  • Provide an instrument in good working condition.  If maintenance is required, please complete the flute repairs/piano tuning as quickly as possible.

  • Ensure students arrive promptly at their lessons and reschedule lesson conflicts with plenty of notice.

  • Help students find a distraction-free time & place to practice. 

  • Check in occasionally on assignments (more frequently with younger students) & help students as necessary.

  • Be an audience, when you can, for your student’s pieces.

  • Respond to studio communications in a timely manner.


Lesson Fees

$30 for 30 minutes

$45 for 45 minutes

$60 for 60 minutes

  • Lesson fees are paid on a monthly basis, due  at the first lesson of the month.  


        (Invoices provided the week prior)

  • Payments to be made through Chase Quick Pay/Zelle for all online lessons.

  • Payments for in-person lessons to be paid by cash, check, or Chase/Zelle.

  • Cancellations--credit is given ONLY for excused absences for which I'm give 24 hrs advance notice.  {Exceptions are made ONLY in cases of family emergency.}

  • Rescheduling--with enough advance notice, I can usually find a make up lesson time.   Lessons cancelled due to sudden illness will be replaced with a recorded Zoom lesson the student can use for make up.  

  • $25 Annual Studio Fee