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Private Piano Lessons....What to Expect: 

     I teach piano lessons for students, ages 7 through adult. I use a method book based approach for teaching skills and theory and then tailor my lessons to fit each student’s strengths, interests, and individual needs with solos, duets, etc.  I seek solos that engage the students & motivate them to practice--upbeat, rhythmically driven, catchy tunes specifically intended to pique boys’ interests, classical standards, & more--and I incorporate musical games into younger students lessons to teach/reinforce note reading, rhythmic awareness, etc.  I customize my adult students' lessons by partnering with them to identify their goals & desires and then choosing music that challenges & inspires them. 

      I believe recitals are important growth opportunities for students, so I host two recitals each year—in the fall & spring. 

    I have a wonderful rapport with my students and run a very positive, encouraging studio, while at the same time pushing my students to their best levels.  I truly love teaching, & I work hard to connect with/build relationships with each & every student.  Please contact me with questions or to discuss starting lessons!
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