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Amy Dohler, Flute & Piano Teacher

About Me


About Mrs. Dohler

      Amy Dohler is a private flute instructor & clinician, freelance performer & ensemble coach, solo/ensemble contest judge, and piano teacher in Vernon Hills, IL.  She studied with Chicago Symphony Orchestra flutists Walfrid Kujala and Richard Graef while earning her BM in flute performance from Northwestern University, and she’s performed in masterclasses, won awards & scholarships, and held principal flute/piccolo positions with several ensembles throughout the years.  Mrs. Dohler has also played piano for more than 40 years.  In addition to her Bachelor of Music degree, Mrs. Dohler earned her BA in History and her MS in Education degrees from Northwestern University and has over 25 years of teaching experience, in both individual and classroom settings.  

      Mrs. Dohler’s students consistently audition into the highest ensembles, both in school and extracurricularly, including district and All-State ILMEA ensembles, Midwest Young Artists Conservatory ensembles, etc.  Her students are routinely placed in top seating positions and chosen for solo features.  Mrs. Dohler's students regularly receive top solo/ensemble contest ratings (often perfect scores), and several of her students received superior awards &/or Shining Stars trophies with perfect scores in the Music Stars Online Competition during COVID.

      Mrs. Dohler loves working with students of all ages, backgrounds, and ability levels and is thrilled to watch her students grow, develop and succeed as they work to beautify their tone, refine & improve their technique, expand their rhythmic awareness, and enhance their expressivity & musicality.  Her students thrive in the positive/encouraging studio environment she fosters and develop important life skills, as well—self-confidence, self-discipline, self-evaluation & goal-setting, resilience, a desire to challenge oneself, and the ability to learn & grow from one’s struggles.  Mrs. Dohler prides herself on her ability to connect with each and every one of her students while challenging them, inspiring them, and nurturing each student’s love of music.  Mrs. Dohler is excited to share her musical gifts and knowledge, her teaching talents, & her love of music with her students, while pushing them to the best of their abilities.  She offers both in-person and online lessons and is passionate about customizing those lessons to fit each student’s individual goals, interests, and needs.

Lessons & Coaching

Lessons & Coaching

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Are you a high school flutist looking to advance your skills, the parent of a middle schooler seeking individualized flute instruction for your son or daughter, or the parent of a beginning band student making sure your child has specialized instruction from a flute teacher as they learn this beautiful instrument?  Perhaps you're an adult rekindling a youthful love for the flute or pursuing a long lived dream to play the flute.  If so, please contact me.  I would love to help!

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Do you have flute students who could benefit from specialized instruction in tone production, tonguing skills, finger dexterity/ technique, development of vibrato, etc.?  Would you like someone to provide flute workshops & clinics on these topics for your students?  If so, please contact me.  I would love to work with these students!

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Are you looking to enrich your child's life with music or perhaps rekindle your own past love for the piano?  Do you want to expand your son &/or daughter's creativity, enhance their ability to focus, & watch their confidence flourish?  Do you want to boost your child's cognitive development & nurture your teen's emotional expression through music?  Are you retired & finally finding time to learn/relearn this beautiful instrument?  If so, please contact me.  I would love to work with you!

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Are you looking for a friendly, encouraging, & personable  judge to work with flute players at Solo & Ensemble or other performance based contests?   Someone who judges fairly, finds ways to put students at ease during their performances, & provides concrete advice for growth & development during post-performance clinics?  If so, please contact me.  I love working with students of all ages in these contest environments. 

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Online Lessons

Mrs. Dohler also offers flute & piano lessons in an online format so that students for whom in-person lessons are not feasible .  This allows students from great distances to benefit from her music instruction abilities.However, for some students, in-person lessons are not feasible due to schedule conflicts, location, health, etc.  Therefore, I have decided to offer online lessons as a permanent option, even after the CDC deems it safe to resume in-person study.  If this solution fits your needs, please contact me!

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Would you like to create a flute choir at your school or assign smaller woodwind ensembles to work with a musical coach/ensemble director in a chamber music setting, especially as we are all seeking new ways to bring music to our students in the COVID-19 era?  If so, please contact me.  I would love to work with these students!

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My daughter Dakota (16) has been taking flute lessons with Amy Dohler for many years, and we truly feel that we hit the jackpot with Amy!  She is  a teacher that consistently goes above and beyond! Her lessons are thoughtfully planned, her assignments are purposeful, and her recitals are beautiful!  Amy appropriately challenges Dakota, while giving her the encouragement and compassion to believe in herself. Dakota has developed a passion for the flute and grown tremendously as a musician under Amy’s guidance.  I am so grateful to have found such an incredible teacher and role model to develop my daughter’s talent!
                                                                              --Abbey O.

My daughter, Julia, has had the absolute pleasure of being under the tutelage of Mrs. Dohler for the past five years, and I can confidently say that she is not just a private flute teacher, but a musical mentor and friend! Amy is a true professional. She exudes passion for music and her flexibility and organizational skills have made Julia's experience beyond wonderful. 
 From our very first lesson, we knew it was a good fit! Amy was punctual and had extremely clear communication, which made scheduling easy. Her commitment to Julia and her musical growth is truly special. She is always well-prepared for lessons, ensuring that the time they spend together is used to its fullest potential. Her dedication to her students is evident in her tireless efforts to help them to achieve their musical goals.
Passion is at the heart of Amy's teaching and it is contagious! It's impossible not to feel inspired by Mrs. D. She has a remarkable ability to instill that same passion in her students, motivating them to practice and play beautifully.

Amy is flexible and she understands that every student is unique; having different needs and goals. Julia's lessons are enjoyable and effective. Whether it's extra help with a challenging piece or wanting to work on something new for school band, Amy is always willing to adapt lessons to meet Julia's needs.
Her teaching covers technique, repertoire, music theory, and so much more. Mrs. Amy Dohler is a phenomenal private flute teacher and we will be forever grateful for the knowledge and inspiration she has imparted on Julia. I highly recommend Mrs. Dohler to anyone seeking a dedicated and exceptional flute teacher.                                                                                                                              --Lisa L.

My 13 yr old son has been taking piano lessons with Mrs. Dohler since 2019, and we have been so happy with her!  He was previously with a piano teacher where no progress was being made. After just a few lessons with Mrs. Dohler, we knew she was the right fit and concepts began to make sense to him.  She has helped him grow as a piano player, encourages him to try pieces outside of his comfort level while also appealing to his music taste, and has helped him prepare to be an accompanist at his school masses. We are thankful to have found Mrs. Dohler!
--Angie P.

My daughter has been a flute student of Amy Dohler's for the past three years. During that time, my daughter has expressed several times how encouraged she feels and how much she has learned musically under Amy's instruction . Amy is kind and patient and listens to my daughter which is shown through the way she educates and exposes her to the many styles of music. I look forward to my daughter's continued enjoyment and growth of music under Amy's guidance.
--Debbie L.

We are so thankful for Mrs. Dohler. Having grown up taking
flute lessons, I truly appreciate the amount of effort she puts toward our daughter’s music education. She’s able to effectively balance fun and education such that our daughter really
enjoys her lessons!
                                                                           --Anne T.

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“My 7 year old has been taking lessons from Mrs. Dohler since 10 months now; and he enjoys them. Mrs. Dohler introduces notes/rhythms using games which makes the lessons interesting and  fun. The lessons are well balanced between theory and practical aspect. Mrs. Dohler is also very organized, and customizes the lessons well to help my son overcome any difficulties he faces.
I see a good progress in my son.”
                                                                                  --Megha D.

"I'm beyond happy Mrs. Dohler is my piano teacher.  I this past year alone, I've learned piano much faster than with my past piano teachers.  She truly cares about each and every student she has!"

                                                                            --Grace B..


"Our daughter’s improvement over the past year of working with Mrs Dohler has been incredible! Not only has she improved, she is also more confident, better prepared, and more interested in her instrument. Mrs. Dohler is always willing to listen to concerns we may have, gives in-depth feedback, and is super flexible with meeting times!"
                                                                            --Joe A.

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“Amy is a wonderful musician and person.  She is a knowledgeable, thorough and compassionate teacher.  My children and I have all grown musically under her instruction."

--Winston, Addison, & Heather B.

Studio Photos

Studio Photos

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Fall Zoom Studio Recital

Nov. 8, 2020

Screen Shot 2020-11-08 at 3.21.47 PM.jpe
Screen Shot 2020-11-08 at 3.39.34 PM.jpe
Screen Shot 2020-11-08 at 3.25.57 PM.jpe
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Spring Zoom Studio Recital

April 25, 2021

Dohler Spring Studio Recital 2021--2nd c
Dohler Spring Studio Recital 2021--2nd c
Dohler Spring Studio Recital 2021--2nd c
Dohler Spring Studio Recital 2021--2nd c
Dohler Spring Studio Recital 2021--2nd c

Fall Zoom Studio Recital

Nov. 7, 2021

Studio Recital November.jpeg

Spring Studio Recital

April 24, 2022

Spring Recital 2022.heic

Fall Studio Recital

November, 2022


Spring Studio Recital

April 2023

Spring Recital 2023.jpeg

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